Please click here to log in to your Richland student email at

(this page is only temporary; it will be removed on August 31)

How do I log in to my Richland student email ?

What happened to my Zimbra email account ?

Richland has switched email systems; all student email accounts are now located on Microsoft Office 365. Your email address has not changed.

We are currently moving your old email from Zimbra over to Office 365. This process will take a few days to complete. If you need immediate access to an old email message that was sent to your Zimbra account, you can log in to your old account at

This new email system looks strange -- How do I use it?

Office 365 does look & function differently than Zimbra. Microsft has some instructions & videos on their support site that should help you use this new system.

How do I put my Richland student email on my phone?

Click here for some instructions on how to configure Office 365 email on Apple & Android devices

How do I forward my Richland student email to a different account

Click here for instructions on how to forward all of your Richland student email to a personal account

Why don't you get rid of this annoying message already?

We want to make sure that all current students are aware of this change. We will change our websites to point directly to at the end of this month